Courting the community

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NEWLANDS Park tennis courts have been transformed thanks to a huge community effort.

On Sunday, 35 people lent a helping hand in a bid to bring the local resource back to life, after it had fallen into a dilapidated state during the last decade.

Local people are now able to access three cleaned and cleared courts with three almost new nets. The next step is to line the courts on a dry day in the near future.

A campaign spokesman told The Extra: “There was huge spirit on the day when people witnessed what was happening.

“We cultivated the whole area, took out all the weeds, and managed to access three almost new nets that were getting thrown out by Queen’s Park tennis courts.

“We owe a huge thanks to Glasgow city land and environmental services who helped us a lot. Now our aim to get the courts lined and flattened for next summer.

He continued: “Kids turned up despite it being a horrible day but rain really softened the land and weeds were lifted. It was an incredibly successful day.

“We need to get the community using it, it’s a community resource. By the end of the year we want local schools to properly use them and not waste a good community resource.

“The amount of people interested has really impressed me, so many kids were willing to help, which has given me incredible hope”.

The next step for the group is to tackle the long-standing issue of the pavilion in the park, which has been derelict for 25 years.

By next spring there will be should be three good quality courts which the six primary schools which are within walking distance will be able to use.

The campaign spokesman added: “This whole project requires partnership and community involvement. The tennis courts are an example of what can be achieved. The pavilion a big project but is not out-with our grasp.

“It is just about getting enough people interested in bringing it back to life. “

Stephen Curran spoke out on social networking website Facebook to congratulate the community effort.

He said: “Well done to the Newlands Park Tennis court campaign. More than 30 volunteers took part in clean-up making three courts playable”.