Councils canvass for electoral register

RESIDENTS of both Glasgow and East Renfrewshire are asked to complete their annual electoral registration forms this month.

Both city councils have sent out forms to be updated and completed to make sure than no one who is eligible loses their place on the electoral register.

In Glasgow this amounts to 300,000 households – and the council has made a text service available again a pilot scheme last year proved a success.

Hugh Munro, electoral registration officer for GCC, said: “It is so important that householders update this year’s form.

“The information on the form is crucial and is used to create the voters’ roll for Glasgow.

“Parents should pay particular attention to the details for their 16 and 17-year-olds to make sure they can vote when they reach 18.

“If you are not on the voters roll you will not be able to vote”.

The canvass has now been sent out, with full information on how to confirm the details of your household. Further information is available from Glasgow’s electoral registration office on 287 4444, or at the Glasgow city council website.

The same rules apply for East Renfrewshire, and the area’s electoral registration officer, Alasdair MacTaggart, added: “All you have to do is check the details of the electors pre-printed on the form.

“If there are no changes to be made, you have the option of making your return by telephone, internet or text message.

“If there are changes to be made to the form, delete those persons no longer resident and add the details of those residents who live in the household and are eligible to vote, then return the form by post as soon as possible”.

For more information from East Ren council, call 842 5922 or email