Council to improve waste collections

East ren say changes will make them more efficient
East ren say changes will make them more efficient

Plans to improve the way household waste is collected and enhance East Ren’s waste and recycling performance are set to go ahead.

The proposals were approved last week with a capital investment of £1.4 million to implement the scheme.

The changes have been developed in response to feedback from residents about difficulties with the current service.

Now that the proposals have been given the go-ahead a public engagement process will be launched which will explain what the changes mean.

The council’s waste team will also consult with households where there is no direct kerbside or there are storage issues.

During periods of stormy weather residents have frequently complained that materials waiting collection is blown away.

Under the new plans, households across East Ren will receive two new bins, one for paper, cardboard and cartons and the second for plastics, glass and cans.

Kerbside cardboard and carton recycling is also being introduced, to help make it as easy as possible for people to recycle without visiting local facilities.

A change in the frequency of bin collections is another aspect of the proposals. It is proposed that each bin will be collected once every three weeks, apart from brown bins for food and garden waste which will remain a weekly collection.

As it will be easier for people to recycle more of their household waste, there will be a reduction in the amount of rubbish disposed of in grey bins, meaning they will need to be collected less often.