Council slammed over ‘wallgate’ fiasco

The wall which has been the subject of much discussion.
The wall which has been the subject of much discussion.

East Renfrewshire Council are under fire over a dispute which could see them shelling out £60,000 in public funds.

The row centres on a wall which borders Eastwood Nursery Allotments, built to a council specification and, after inspection by council bosses, signed off as being of acceptable standard of build in 2015.

Now, following complaints over the height of the wall which alleged that activities were not sufficiently screened, the council were asked to look at replacing it.

Colin Stanage, Eastwood Nursery Allotments Association (ENAA) chairman, said: “This seems like a worrying waste of public and charitable funds at a time of austerity and cutbacks. We are bemused at the decision and have not had a clear explanation of why a new wall is needed - at considerable expense.”

A council spokesman said: “At their meeting on August 4, the audit committee agreed that the wall at Eastwood Nursery Allotments is of a design that is fit for purpose and that there would be no need to build a new wall, particularly where the estimated cost of demolition and reconstruction would be around £60,000. The committee instructed staff to look at improving the structural integrity of the wall, alongside aesthetic enhancements.”