Council measures traffic speed and volume for parking review

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A REVIEW of controversial parking restrictions is underway in East Renfrewshire — but residents are concerned about a lack of council communication.

Enforcement of parking restrictions was handed over from police to East Ren council in April, despite complaints that the rules — some put in place in the 1960s — were outdated.

ERC announced a formal review in August, stating that it could take up to 52+ weeks.

Last week, residents took to Facebook campaign page Netherlee Parking to question cables and cameras put in place on Clarkston Road.

A council spokesman responded: “We have recently commissioned 39 volumetric and speed surveys (automatic tube counters). These are collected over seven day periods — most are to do with the traffic order review and others are traffic calming assessment sites.”

Barbara Rourke, of Netherlee Parking, told The Extra: “ERC is trying to do the right thing, and it’s great if a review has started — but we don’t know if it has, or what format it’s taking.”

She added: “What we anticipated has been happening — the restrictions aren’t serving any purpose because everyone still drives in single lane, so it doesn’t help the flow of traffic, and there are concerns about how dangerous it is to cross the road because of speeding, previously deterred by parked cars.

“Residents are feeling down about the situation. We’re putting all our faith in East Ren council, and hoping that they’ll take on board out complaints — but we’re just not being informed.”