Council joins campaign to protect war pension

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East Renfrewshire Council is one of the first councils in the UK to respond to a campaign to end military compensation being used to pay for social care for Armed Forces Veterans.

The Insult to Injury campaign was launched in response to veterans, injured during Service, having to give up most of their compensation to pay for the costs of their care because the payment is treated as income and is means tested.

East Renfrewshire Council has confirmed its full support for the campaign and, this week, announced that military compensation will no longer be used to help cover the costs of local social care services.

The decision will apply to all veterans awarded their war pension before April 5 2005.

Gary Gray, head of welfare services, Poppyscotland said: “We are delighted that East Renfrewshire Council has signed up to the Insult to Injury campaign.

“However, the situation that persists across much of Scotland, where injured veterans are asked to give up their compensation payments to pay for their own social care, is unfair and unjust.

“We now hope that the Scottish Government follows East Renfrewshire’s lead and provides the funding and the guidance to ensure that no Scottish veteran injured in Service is forced to use their compensation if they develop care needs.”

Council leader Jim Fletcher said: “Military compensation is awarded to Service personnel in the face of pain, suffering and injury and we do not believe it should be treated as normal income.

“I am delighted to confirm our support for such an important campaign and to support those individuals to whom we are all so incredibly indebted.”

Poppy Scotland pointed out that research indicates that, should a war pensioner have social care needs, they can potentially lose almost all of their military compensation to cover the costs of their care. The Insult to Injury campaign was launched in January by the Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland.

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