Council helps elderly to a warmer winter

The �100 could prove to be a big help for some.
The �100 could prove to be a big help for some.

PENSIONERS from the southside of Glasgow are set for a cash injection to help cope with winter.

Glasgow city council leader Gordon Matheson has invited Glaswegians aged 80 and over to apply for the annual affordable warmth dividend.

This would mean an extra £100 to help older city resident to heat their homes during the winter.

The initiative began in November 2011. Since, more than 30,000 payments have been awarded to help pensioners deal with winter’s plummeting temperatures.

Councillor Matheson said: “Older people are particularly vulnerable during cold weather and many worry about how they will pay their heating bills as energy prices continue to rise.

“I’m delighted that for the third year running, the city council can help residents over the age of 80 keep warm during the winter.

“So far, we’ve been relatively lucky with the weather this year.

“However, two years ago we had the coldest winter on record.

“I’d ask everyone to be prepared.

“If you think you might be eligible for the Affordable Warmth Dividend please apply to the council.”

Anyone the council can identify as eligible fromtheir records will also receive a letter urging them to apply.

People can receive payment by cheque or directly into their bank.

Glasgow residents aged 80 plus who have not received the dividend before can obtain an application form from the council’s website or by phoning 0141 287 7961.

If more than one person aged 80 or older lives in a house they can apply separately. Applications will be accepted until March 31,next year.

Speaking on Facebook, Extra reader Dougie Carr commented: “Some help has got to be better than none at all but a maximum bill/charge for the winter quarter should also be set for the over 70’s “.