Council help for tenants

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HOUSING tenants in East Renfrewshire who are facing difficulties in the face of central governments changes to housing benefit are to receive some direct help.

The Department of Works and Pensions has given the council’s benefits service £82,000 to deliver by way of discretionary payments to the authorities most in-need tenants.

The council will ascertain those tenants most in need of assistance over housing costs, such as rent in advance, deposits and other lump sum costs associated with a housing need.

The cash will ony be given to tenants who meet certain criteria and are entitled to housing benefit.

Among those likely to be helped are disabled tenants whose property has been adapted for their needs.

Convener for corporate services councillor Iain McAlpine said: “This sum will enable us to target zny financial assistance available to the neediest tenants in East Renfrewshire at our discretion.”