Council festive bin collection branded a “disgrace”

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The pavements of Giffnock started sprouting trees – after the council messed up their festive bin collection programme.

Residents were told their brown bin would not be collected on the week of Christmas but that pick-ups would resume in the week of New Year.

Brown bins filled with the Christmas dinner left-overs and unwanted Christmas trees were put out last Thursday (January 3) to be collected as normal.

But that failed to happen, leading local streets to become a dumping ground for the old Nordmann Firs and Norway Spruces.

For over a week, one giant tree had been obscuring the view of bus passengers, waiting in the bus shelter in Fenwick Road.

Others blew on to the road after being dumped on the pavement by home owners.

Giffnock resident Irene Canning said: “The one thing you expect the council to do right is collect the bins when they say they will.

“What is the point in creating a special schedule for the Christmas and New Year holidays if you are not going to meet it?

“Our brown bin was last collected on December 20 and won’t be picked up again until January 10.

“I was forced to stick my tree and some food waste in my car and drive to the council dump south of Newton Mearns.

“There was a 15-minute queue to get rid of your tree. It’s a disgrace, considering the amount we pay in council tax.”

Callers to East Renfrewshire Council were told prior to Christmas not to put out their brown bins on December 27.

Instead, their bins were to be collected on January 3.

Bins remained unemptied even the next day and some residents left theirs out over the weekend in the hope that they may be picked up.

A spokesman for East Renfrewshire Council said:“Due to the festive arrangements put in place to account for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, and to ensure all bins on a three-weekly cycle were collected as a priority, there were no scheduled collections of brown bins from December 24-28.

“This was outlined on the council website and via social media. The following week’s priority was to collect grey bins, since these are collected on a three week cycle.

“Once all grey bin collections were complete, the teams moved on to uplift as many brown bins as possible which had been left out for collection.

“Residents were advised that Christmas trees would be collected from January 7 with brown bins.

“All collections have now returned to normal and all outstanding bins as well as the Christmas tree collections will be completed this week.”