COSLA departure to be made official

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GLASGOW is set to terminate its membership of the local government umbrella group after a funding dispute .

Langside councillor Archie Graham described the COSLA situation as “intolerable”.

He told The Extra: “If we were to get the same share of finances from the Scottish government that was in place when the SNP came to power in 2007, Glasgow would be £153million better off.

“By leaving, we will save £330k per annum on membership fees. This money can be used to help provide services for the people of our city.”

SNP leader of the opposition councillor Graeme Hendry said: “This decision could cost the city up to £17.141m in revenue and capital funds, as we will lose our place at the negotiating table.

“COSLA is about councils working together to get the best result. Once again Labour ups and leaves when things don’t go their way.

“Glasgow Labour’s inability to work in partnership puts services, jobs and investment at risk. The people of Glasgow deserve better from their political leaders — we will be voting to stay in COSLA and fight for Glasgow from within.”

Glasgow’s executive committee will meet today (Thursday), with the committee expected to advise the council to be the eighth to leave the group.

East Renfrewshire council leader Jim Fletcher maintains staying in COSLA is the right thing for ERC.

He said: “A body is needed to look after local government and for all its faults, COSLA is that body. We have no plans as a council to leave. COSLA is under threat. If more leave, it can’t continue in its current form. Personally, I would be sorry if that happened.”