Cops’ campaign against domestice abuse

Police will be cracking down hard on those guilty of domestic abuse.
Police will be cracking down hard on those guilty of domestic abuse.

Police are pursuing their campaign against domestic abuse with Facebook, Twitter and other social media messages.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said:: “Domestic abuse exists is all sections of our communities.

“It can exist in all types of relationships between partners and ex-partners.

“Abusers can be male or female, any race or religion and from all different types of background.”

The nationally-agreed definition of domestic abuse is any form of physical, sexual or mental and emotional abuse which might amount to criminal conduct and which takes place within the context of a relationship.

“The relationship is defined as marriage, co-habitation, civil partnership or some other form of relationship or ex-partners.”

The abuse may be committed in the home or elsewhere.

Police Scotland have warned: “There is a common misconception that domestic abuse is just physical abuse. This is not the case.

“Domestic abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or mental abuse.”

Sexual abuse involves forcing the partner to have sexual intercourse or forcing them to engage in sexual acts.

Mental and emotional abuse includes threats (including threats of violence; criticism and name-calling; coercive control, controlling what you do, where you go and who you speak to; threatening your children, isolating you from friends and family; accusing a partner of being unfaithful; threatening to ‘out’ your sexual orientation to family, friends or work colleagues; threatening to share intimate images of you with family, friends or work colleagues ( commonly known as revenge porn).