Concern over unstable wall on school route

Unstable wall at Harvie Avenue, Newton Mearns
Unstable wall at Harvie Avenue, Newton Mearns

A civil engineer has criticised East Ren Council for failing to take note of a potential disaster waiting to happen if an unstable wall collapses.

Robert Rocke, of Cameron Drive in Newton Mearns write to the council’s chief executive on August 6 but has had no response.

In his letter he warned that a wall bordering a public pavement on Harvie Avenue near to Crookfur Primary and Eastwood High School had ‘bowed and canted severely’.

The Extra has viewed the wall in question, which, at one point is being held up by a lampost which it is now leaning against.

In his letter Mr Rocke wrote: “I attach a photograph of a garden boundary wall at the east end of Harvie Avenue, close to Crookfur Primary School and to Eastwood High School. The attached map shows the location.

“The wall is canted severely towards the footpath and has come into contact with a lamp standard.

“Individual blocks of the wall are now sliding past adjacent blocks, indicating that the wall is close to collapse.

“The wall presents a serious danger to pedestrians on the footpath.

“As the footpath is on a route to both schools, this is particularly significant.”

Mr Rocke has also brought the matter to the attention of Paul O’Kane, Labour member for Newton Mearns, at a surgery.

A spokeswoman for East Ren Council commented: “The wall is the responsibility of the householder.

“We sent out a structural engineer to assess the wall and subsequently contacted the householder and advised him of his responsibilities to repair the wall.

“We will continue to monitor it.”