Community unites for refugees

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Glasgow and East Renfrewshire residents and businesses have once again demonstrated their generosity of spirit and their collective ability to hit the ground running when it comes to helping people in crisis.

Churches, charities, political and community groups, individuals and the business community have wasted no time in coming together to do what they can to address the immediate needs of desparate refugees who risk everything to find a route to the relative safety of Europe and the UK.

From setting up collection points for donations of clothes, footwear, toiletries, baby care items, medicines and other essentials, everyone who can is doing their bit.

There’s even a convoy heading to Calais with vans filling up with goods by the hour ahead of a trip across the Channel, not really knowing what to expect on the other side of the water.

Musicians are collaborating to raise funds with free pop-up gigs from George Square to Queen’s Park and other open and public places, which are also acting as impromptu collection points.

East Renfrewshire Council yesterday pledged to support Syrian asylum seekers.

Leader of East Renfrewshire council, Jim Fletcher, expects to place up to 50 families in the community and has committed the council to “play its part in any government arranged Syrian Resettlement Scheme”.

He added: “We understand and share the concerns of people across Scotland about the desperate situation of thousands of people fleeing from the war in Syria.

“East Renfrewshire is committed to do whatever it can to offer accommodation and practical support to individuals and families affected.

“As part of this, we plan to meet with our community partners to discuss what practical support we can give to refugees who are received into East Renfrewshire.”