Community seeks answers

EAST Renfrewshire’s community councils have joined together to appeal for more transparency from their local authority.

The consultation on the Main Issues Report for the new plan proposed for East Renfrewshire concluded at the end of January.

However, responses have yet to be published.

A joint letter, from eight community council chairs, stated: “As representatives of our communities, we have firmly rejected the preferred strategy in the Main Issues Report (MIR), proposed by ERC.

“Given this fundamental difference and the councils timescale to the next stage, we seek the publication of all responses received to the MIR consultation.

“These should be made publicly available as soon as possible.

“We also call upon the council to acknowledge the overwhelming rejection from most communities to the proposed strategy and seek clarification from them as to how they will now address this position with our communities in a transparent and open way”.

A council spokesman replied: “It remains our intention to take a report to council in relation to a proposed local development plan in October or November 2012.

“Following this there will be a further period of public consultation and the opportunity for local people to have their say.

“We are currently finalising the analysis of the consultation responses to the MIR.

“This information will be made public and brought to council in due course following the local elections”.

Meanwhile, with multiple test pits being built this week on Maidenhill Farm, Conservative leader Jim Swift has speculated that this could be “the start of a geological survey on the land which is currently subject to the MIR consultation”.

A council spokesman said: “The work referred to is not being carried out on behalf of the council, nor is it being undertaken with the council’s knowledge. “As this land is privately owned, the landowner does not require the council’s consent to undertake this activity. The council has not agreed to a housing development at this site.

“The site does not have any planning consent for residential or any other form of development”.