Comment: Whatever floats your vote...

Patrick Harvie MSP visits Mainshill Solidarity Camp at Mainshill Wood, Douglas'17/7/09'Picture by Lindsay Addison
Patrick Harvie MSP visits Mainshill Solidarity Camp at Mainshill Wood, Douglas'17/7/09'Picture by Lindsay Addison

The election campaign is in full swing and we’ve already heard many of the parties telling you that the way you vote will have all 
kinds of undesirable consequences.

They’re asking you to vote X to stop Y rather than offering positive reasons to choose them.

My message is straightforward: vote for what you believe in.

The Scottish Greens’ vision of an economy for the people and a society for all is drawing in more support than ever before.

Our membership in Glasgow and across Scotland is booming and we have more experienced activists chapping doors than any previous election.

We are standing in all seven seats in Glasgow and in a total of 31 of Scotland’s 59 constituencies.

Of the policies we’re offering, the £10 minimum wage by 2020 is crucial because the biggest issue of the last fiveyears has been the difference in quality of life between high earners and the vast numbers of people on low pay or struggling to find a job.

For some it feels like a return to business as usual with rising house prices, tax breaks for savers and investors, some extremely high salaries at the top and the banks operating much as they did before the crash.

But for those struggling at the other end, it’s a very different story, with insecure employment and harsh welfare cuts, coupled with cuts to local services.

In a country known for its abundant production of food, it’s appalling that so many Scots rely on foodbanks.

Another key policy is publicly-owned railways.

Last month the running of the East Coast railway to 
London was transferred back to a private company after 
several years running very successfully in public 
ownership and sending hundreds of millions of pounds each year back to the Treasury.

Scotrail has also just changed hands and is now run by Abellio, a company the Dutch public own!

Our infrastructure should be publicly-owned, and 
it’s essential we continue to fight to change the law to allow this.

A big part of this election is holding the Westminster parties to the promise of more powers.

I campaigned for a Yes vote so that Scotland would have the maximum range of 
powers to improve people’s lives.

The Smith Commission’s halfway house isn’t enough and isn’t durable.

Green MPs would demand more powers, not just for the Scottish Parliament but for councils and communities too.

In post-referendum 
Scotland there’s all to play