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NETHERLEE residents have taken to Facebook to complain about restrictions which could see them fined for parking outside their houses.

Decriminalised parking regulations come into effect in East Renfrewshire as of April 2, when Strathclyde police hands over responsibility to the local authority.

Clarkston Road has long displayed restriction signs for 8-9.15am and 4.30-6pm — although campaigners have received written confirmation from the council that the area is not an urban clearway.

With stricter enforcement and more fines on the horizon, Barbara Rourke has created the Netherlee Parking Facebook page, encouraging neighbours to campaign for a review of the restrictions, which she believes are “outdated and no longer meet the needs of the area”.

Barbara told The Extra: “The parking restrictions haven’t been enforced for a number of years, but there is a real concern — even at present — about the lack of spaces on neighbouring streets.

“If we have to worry about being fined, it’s going to make a parking situation which is already difficult even worse.”

The page, set up a week ago, has over 50 followers, and further concerns have been raised over the speed of traffic without parked cars lining the road.

Mum of two Barbara continued: “Traffic is already quite fast for a residential area – and I’ve been told that a long time ago, when similar restrictions were in place, it was worse.

“Parked cars slow traffic down — but without them, I would be worried about parking elsewhere and crossing the road with young children.

“We’re not against parking fines when it comes to a dangerous situation — our only concern is that the council are enforcing restrictions before they’ve reviewed the situation on our street.”

Barbara has also contacted councillors Gordon McCaskill and Ralph Robertson, who have shown their support for a review of the Clarkston Road problem.

Councillor McCaskill commented: “These houses are fairly close to Netherlee primary, which has had significant problems for a long time, and the streets surrounding are double parked all day — enforcing the restrictions will make this progressively worse.

“Given the level of concern expressed, I would suggest a review as soon as possible. There is an easing in period on the new regulations, in order to identify potential problems — clearly Clarkston Road is going to be one of those problems.”

Both councillors are hoping for a “light touch” from community wardens patrolling Clarkston Road until the situation is reviewed — meanwhile, councillor Robertson has asked a warden representative to meet with residents at an AGM on April 29.

n To find out more about the campaign, visit the Netherlee Parking Facebook page.