Clean up Govanhill’s streets!

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Angry residents have called for direct action to be taken in a bid to clean up Govanhill admist ongoing cleansing and infestation issues.

At a public meeting held by Crosshill and Govanhill Community Council in June this year, locals vented their frustrations at the lack of progress being made from Glasgow City Council in an effort to clean up the streets.

The issues raised include pest control, fly tipping, street cleansing, missed bin collections, local businesses not dealing with their waste correctly and action not being taken on reports made by residents.

Since the June meeting, members of the Community Council have met local MSPs and Glasgow City Council representatives to discuss the issues raised by residents.

However, members of the community now feel that little has been achieved since the meeting and there is no overall improvement to the area.

Councillor Soryia Siddique supports the community’s calls for a cleaner Govanhill.

She met George Gillespie, the head of land and environmental service at Glasgow City Council, following the meeting organised to address cleansing and infestation issues in the area.

She said: “Govanhill and Crosshill community council have been raising ongoing concerns at their regular meeting.

“They include missed bin collections, street litter, dumping, commercial waste, infestation and lack of enforcement, commercial waste, infestation and lack of enforcement.

“The community is angry and disappointed by the lack of effective services in the area.

“The administration is falling short of its promises on community empowerment and adequate services.”

Councillor Siddique added: “I will continue to work with Govanhill communities and campaign for better services and a cleaner living environment.”

Glasgow City Council was unavailable for comment at the time The Extra went to press.