Clarkston is heading for full bloom

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The I Love Clarkston campaign has set its sights on making the area a greener place, with help from a new partner.

The BID (Business Improvement District) has teamed up with YES Works Ltd, a social enterprise recently formed by Young Enterprise Scotland and based at Rouken Glen Park.

Young Enterprise Scotland works with people aged five to 30 and, as part of the new collaboration, will invlove youngsters putting their horticultural, design and manufacturing skills to good use.

The team will be repairing, painting and filling Busby Road’s existing wooden planters and making new ones, as well as planting new floral ‘fountains’.

Colin Higgins, leading the project, said: “We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work with the I Love Clarkston BID.

“Our social enterprise provides a great service while at the same time giving young people opportunities to learn new skills, both of a practical and personal development nature, and for them to become involved within their community.”

Andy Dunlop, BID manager, added :”It really is an exciting time for Clarkston, with plenty of changes happening. You should see big differences in the overall look of the town.”