Clarkston bridge building delayed

WORK on the Clarkston train station footbridge has ground to a halt amid a row between Network Rail and East Renfrewshire council.

The bridge runs from Clarkston Toll to the station car park, and has been closed since February this year for refurbishment.

The renovation was due to be completed within five weeks, but a dispute over planning and permission between the rail operator and the local authority has left the work unfinished – and residents wondering just when they’ll get their bridge back.

Many have raised concerns about the alternative route – a narrow stretch of pavement at the side of a busy road.

Resident Carolyn Dewar describes the path as “treacherous”, and she told The Extra: “With a young daughter and not always having access to a car, the trip to the library now involves negotiating that rather narrow and unprotected bit of road where you turn down from the Toll along Clarkston Road, past the car park”.

Facebook community group has also appealed to the council for information, and an administrator commented: “It’s disappointing that this has not yet been resolved, because it’s a concern in terms of safety.

“It’s also disappointing that people can’t access the shops when we’re trying so hard as a community to support our local businesses”.

A spokesman for ERC confirmed that the delay was due to negotiations between the authority and Network Rail.

He told The Extra: “The project to replace the footbridge at Clarkston car park has been delayed as we are waiting for technical approvals to allow closure of the Glasgow to East Kilbride railway line.

“This is necessary because the works are very close to the railway line and safety of the repair team is obviously a major priority.

“However, the council’s roads service is working closely with Network Rail to ensure we can gain possession of the site as soon as possible.

“The council apologises for the inconvenience this delay has caused residents and local businesses but rest assured everything in our power is being done to complete the project as quickly as possible”.

Network Rail declined to comment.

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