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Homeless Winter shelter benefits from supermarket’s generosity

A Southside supermarket has been put through its very own Apprentice-style challenge with a difference.

Tasked by homelessness and anti-poverty charity Glasgow City Mission, Whole Foods Market staff were given a list of twenty items needed to run their homeless night shelter. Their task was to secure as many as possible for free or cost price.

Items ranged from coffee and notice boards, to security equipment and a laundry contract.

Working as a team and using their skills, tenacity and contacts, all twenty items were secured worth over £4,000.

They will be used within the Glasgow Winter Night Shelter, an emergency accommodation service for rough sleepers and those with nowhere else to go.

The Bath Street-based night shelter runs throughout December, January and February and is managed by Glasgow City Mission.

Glasgow Mision fundraising managerb Graham Steven:

“We were thrilled by how well the team from Whole Foods Market performed. There were none of the classic mistakes so often made on TV’s The Apprentice and no out-of-control egos either. Rather the team were superb and went above and beyond for the sake of those who are homeless and really struggling right now. By obtaining all of the items on our list, they have saved Glasgow City Mission more than £4,000 and for this we are most indebted”.

Emili Fusaro, Marketing Manager at Whole Foods Market and member of the Apprentice Challenge team said:

“We are delighted to be working with Glasgow City Mission again this year. Having visited the facility in the city centre, we can see how important their work is in our city.”

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