City has largest number of gamer kids

How much time do your kid spend playing games?
How much time do your kid spend playing games?

GLASGOW city council rejects a survey which says most kids in the city play computer games for at least four hours per day.

The survey shows that more than nine in 10 youngsters in Glasgow allowed to play games on hand-held devices, games consoles and computers 
spend up to four hours a day doing so.

According to their parents, the children spend the time playing games on a variety of gadgets including smartphones, laptops, Xbox and Wii.

The survey also shows that 78 per cent of parents are concerned about their child’s posture while gaming.

Parents are also concerned that gaming and computer use affects their child’s wellbeing.

The survey was carried out by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

However, a spokesman for the council said: “A study that could have questioned as few as 65 people in Glasgow can’t offer an accurate picture of the way lives are led in this city.

“Laptops, games consoles and mobile phones are a fact of modern life, but these devices often assist with learning and do not prevent children taking part in other activities.

“A recent survey of over 8,000 Glasgow children found that 97% were physically 
active and four out of five take part in sports club in their own time with 65% also participating in similar school-run clubs”.