Church urges Theresa May to #LightTheWay

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The congregation of Williamwood Parish Church, came together to sign a giant Christmas card to Theresa May.

As Christian Aid launches its Christmas Appeal, the four-foot Christmas card has been signed by the congregation of Williamwood Parish Church urging the Prime Minister to welcome refugees, not only through the implementation of Government policy, but also through the language she chooses to use.

This year’s appeal hopes to raise vital funds so it can continue to provide critical support to some of the millions of people worldwide who have been forced to leave their homes through fear and uncertainty in the worst global displacement crisis of our time.

Sally Foster Fulton, head of Christian Aid Scotland, said: “More than 65 million people are fleeing from conflict and crises. The stories told now – either in the media or by our politicians – about the current refugee crisis rarely reflect the harsh reality facing them. Rarely told are the positive contributions that refugees make in our communities, nor of the many communities and churches that are united in welcoming those seeking refuge. We have sent Christmas cards to the Theresa May, calling on her ensure her words reflect our proud tradition as a nation that welcomes those in need and her government’s policies offer hope to those looking for a safe place to call home”.

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