Chickens on the run at Pollok Park

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Pollok Park is known for its wildlife — but visitors last week may have caught a glimpse of some new inhabitants thoughtlessly dumped in the woods.

According to countryside rangers, two cardboard boxes of chickens were abandoned in the southside park on Thursday (February 4).

The remains of four birds were found nearby, and park staff were told to be on the lookout for any others wandering the grounds.

Ranger Lynsey Torrance told The Extra: “The two cardboard boxes would have been easily opened by foxes.

“But a small peep of six chickens were spotted in a small wooded area near Knowehead Lodge — near Duke, the park’s resident Clydesdale horse — and, together, the countryside rangers and the livestock team corralled and caught them. It was no easy feat!”

Lynsey and colleagues Fiona Greenlees, Jackie Clark, Gary Linstead, Matt Auld and Melissa Sinclair managed to round up the remaining birds and contact the SSPCA.

Happily, the chickens will be staying in the Pollok Park family, having been rehomed by a former head carter — who happened to care for Duke the Clydesdale horse.

Lynsey added: “They were quite thin, so obviously hadn’t been looked after properly — but that will change now as they are off to a good home.

“He has his own farm where his egg-laying hens are getting on a bit, so these ones will join his old ladies in a lovely big warm coop.”

The story — and its happy ending — caught the eye of bailie Elaine McDougall, Glasgow City Council’s executive member for transport, environment and sustainability.

She said: “It’s appalling that someone would do such a thing.

“However thanks to the eagle eyes of our Clydesdale, Duke, the chickens were spotted and staff were able to get them out of harm’s way.

“They now have a new home and are safe and well.”