Charity strives for more donors

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A CHARITY founded by a Newton Mearns man in an attempt to give back to his community continues to count up good causes in its sixth year.

East Renfrewshire Good Causes is the creation of Russell Macmillan, founded with wife Yvonne in 2007 following a life-saving double transplant.

Russell has been “giving back” ever since, raising money for odd jobs and projects important to the most vulnerable members of the East Ren community, as highlighted by frontline care workers.

ERGC has smashed every target it has set, and now – as well as one-off donations and funding boosts – aims to reach 500 regular donors, each paying £5 a month towards many and varied good deeds.

Russell – who is also registered blind – thanked Extra readers for their continued role, “allowing all the different sections within the community to pull together to help each other through the community newspaper.”

He continued: “We’re progressing towards our target of having 500 individuals paying £5 a month into the Good Causes fund, but we’ve had additional requests for help.

“In these times of cut backs, please back our campaign to give more resources to our teachers, health care, homeless and social workers, in order to provide them with more goods to help our neighbours.”

Recent ERGC projects include replacing a stolen television for a pre-school autistic child living in the Eastwood area, and providing breakfast food for a pre-school club run entirely by volunteers for an East Renfrewshire school’s most vulnerable pupils.

The charity also provided a microwave and plumbing work for an ex carer in their 70s who had no cooking facilities or hot water because of financial problems.

And, in February, Russell’s team provided funeral clothing for a young adult who had recently become head of the family following a parent’s death.

The charity founder dedicates all good deeds – totalling £43,009 in 2012 alone – to the memory of his organ donor, adding: “It’s those organs that have helped the 887 individuals within our community, and hopefully it’s a fitting tribute to the donor and her family.”

Anyone interested in donating £5 a month can find out more by calling Russell on 639 8230, or visiting