Charity shop’s display is given a unique makeover

Slimmer April puts her talents to good use
Slimmer April puts her talents to good use

Costume designer April MacTavish has put her talents to good use by making over the window display of Clarkston Cancer Research UK store.

April, who has been a member of Slimming World herself for just over a year, used promotional magazines and flyers to create a pleated skirt for the window.

She said: “Our team recently did a shop window for Cancer Research UK, we work closely with this organisation throughout the year, and it gave me a chance to do something creative to help out the team.”

April has lost over three and a half stones on the plan and recently became a consultant and runs her group on Saturdays at 10am in Giffnock South Parish Church.

She continued “Working in costume, it’s all about what people are wearing on the outside. Now I’m helping people lose weight to feel better on the inside too.

“I design a programme called Scot Squad – a police comedy – and although I still work in the industry I’m mainly a full-time mum and Slimming World consultant. I’ve worked in the costume industry for over 10 years on big films such as Neds, The Eagle, Cloud Atlas and on television productions such as Garrows Law, Outlander and River City.

“After having my second baby I joined Slimming World because it was unlike any other weight loss programme. I never felt hungry and before when I had tried dieting I failed within about a week because I was so hungry. I find Slimming World’s plan so easy to follow and you can adapt practically any dish you want.

“I can eat chips, curries, lasagne and still lose weight. It’s brilliant. It’s great being a consultant as all the members are so lovely.

“It feels very much like a community and the group is growing every week.”