Charity founder issues urgent appeal

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East Renfrewshire Good Causes is appealing to neighbours to help with a special and urgent project.

The charity, run by Newton Mearns man Russell Macmillan, funds odd jobs and equipment needed by the area’s most vulnerable residents.

The latest case brought to ERGC’s attention involves a husband and father in need of a specialist bed, to ensure that his time left at home is as comfortable as possible.

Russell told The Extra: “If you have multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease or a similar condition, the NHS will provide you with a hospital-type bed at home — but unfortunately, there’s no money to fund anything other than a single bed.

“Social workers have brought to our attention the case of this younger person in his 30s who is dealing with a life-limiting condition.

“It’s bad enough to receive this diagnosis but to have to sleep alone in a single bed is even more unfortunate.

“We’re asking the community to help fund a double bed with one side powered, so that this husband and wife are able to stay in the same bed, and to make it easier for his partner to help him during the night.”

The local charity adds a big thanks to East Renfrewshire Council’s social work department, which will fund a third (£1,600) of the £4,800 cost.

The recipient family will also be paying a third towards the bed while ERGC has pledged £500 from its own resources — and Russell now hopes to raise the rest from loving neighbours.

Anyone able to help is asked to contact him on 639 8230 or for more information.