Charity founder calls for honest politics in 2016

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The founder of an East Renfrewshire charity has issued a plea to all politicians for more honesty in 2016.

In a letter to The Extra (see p18), Russell Macmillan — the man behind East Renfrewshire Good Causes — asks for more transparency at local and national level, as “what is portrayed in the news seems so far removed from what is going on at ground level”.

Russell commented: “In running East Ren Good Causes, we are often asked to help with many different problems that the UK and Scottish governments are unable to fund, whether through our local councils or other public sector organisations.

“In previous years, we have helped over 1,380 individual people in many different situations, only to switch on the news to hear sound bites from one politician after another that they stand up for vulnerable people.

“I am asking for an honest debate from all parties, about where they genuinely stand.”

The philanthropist — who founded ERGC in 2007 to give back to his community following a life-saving double transplant — added concern over the withdrawal of services for carers, in particular cuts to additional living space grants and supervision facilities.

He continued: “ERGC tries to help the most vulnerable 20 per cent in their time of need. This vulnerable group changes and can include any of us through illness, accident, change in circumstances or maybe unemployment leading to homelessness.”

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