Chanukah party is a resounding success

Jewish Care Scotland's annual Chanukah party
Jewish Care Scotland's annual Chanukah party

Jewish Care Scotland’s annual Chanukah party, held in the Walton Community Care Centre for the second year running, was a great success.

The room was decorated with Happy Chanukah and dreidel bunting as well as balloons and fresh flowers arrangements.

Natalie Cahif, JCS Vice Chair, welcomed everyone to the party and thanked them for attending.

The guests enjoyed a meal of chicken soup with lokshen and kneidel, roast chicken and potato latkes and mixed berry crumble and ice cream for dessert.

Grace was led by Jewish Care Scotland’s, Martin Livingston. This was followed by entertainment provided by Rosanne Brackenridge and Peggy Mack from Music in Hospitals.

Kevin Simpson, CEO, closed the party and wished everyone a happy Chanukah. Kevin said: “Our Chanukah party this year was a wonderful occasion.  It was really good to see JCS packed with so many smiling faces who enjoyed great food, great entertainment and great company.”

All of the guests received a gift wrapped fruit basket to take home at the end of the event.