Change to planning applications online

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Residents and businesses in East Renfrewshire will no longer have online access to post or view representations from the public regarding planning applications.

The local authority has decided to stop posting comments, questions or objections to planning proposals on the internet portal that currently hosts all available information on planning applications — although the original application will still be visible.

A spokesman said: “As of November 3, the council will no longer display letters of representation submitted by members of the public online.

“There is no requirement for the council to display these online and 50 per cent of Scottish councils do not show representations received online.”

However, the move may prove controversial.

John McCourt, of Waterfoot Action, said: “The council’s planning website is a valuable resource for the community as many of us do not have the time to visit the planning department in person.

“It’s crucial that we all get the chance to see arguments for and against proposals that could radically change the community and impact on people’s way of life.”

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