Celebrating old Pollokshaws

Shawbridge Street in 1961.
Shawbridge Street in 1961.

POLLOKSHAWS Heritage Group invite residents to take a trip down memory lane as part of a bicentennial exhibition later this month.

The group, formed in 1997, is celebrating 200 years since Pollokshaws first became a burgh by displaying their findings, photographs and artefacts of days gone by.

The exhibition will go on display at Pollokshaws library during the community group’s open day on October 22.

A batch of 50 photographs are earmarked for the event, following on from a previous exhibition in 2010 and marking numbers 401-450 of over 600 collected snaps.

George Rountree, archivist for Pollokshaws Heritage, told The Extra: “Our group has gathered much information about, and many photos of, Old ’Shaws.

“The peak membership had around a maximum attendance of 18, but – mainly because of elderly members passing on – it has fluctuated and is now under 12.

“Over the years, during sessions of reminiscing by older members, info has been gathered about the living conditions and interesting stories of past events in the town have been re-assembled”.

The group have put their hidden historical gems to good use, publishing a booklet on the subject, called A Brief History of Pollokshaws.

Topics for the latest exhibition include Pollokshaws man John McLean (1879-1924) who dedicated his life to teaching in order to improve living conditions for the working class and oppose the evils of overwork, oppressive employers and excessive drinking.

Visitors are welcome along to the open day, taking place between 1 and 3pm at Pollokshaws library, and will be treated to tea and cake.

Anyone who wishes to find out more about Pollokshaws Heritage Group – meeting most Mondays at Pollokshaws parish hall – can do so by calling 649 2032.