CCTV concerns raised

CONCERNS have been raised about alleged cyber bullying and CCTV coverage of a public space.

A parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, has written to Giffnock police about his concerns relating to forum posts on the East Renfrewshire Neighbourhood Watch website.

The Stamperland resident told The Extra: “The forum threads show a still taken from CCTV footage shot from a house security system.

“I believe this to be a gross misuse of the CCTV system – certainly not in the spirit of what the neighbourhood watch was set up to do

“My friends and I are concerned about this misuse of these cameras and it makes me wonder, as it does my friends, what else he is filming with his cameras”.

In the wake of her Standards Commission censure, councillor Mary Montague told The Extra she was being targeted by a group of residents posting messages on a neighbourhood watch website.

She said: “There is a bigger issue that goes beyond a simple mistake on a piece of paper.

“It is the systematic bullying that takes place locally.

“It’s been acknowledged before that I am personally subjected to attacks from a certain small but vociferous quarter.

“The commission did recognise the background of continued pressures of numerous, unfounded complaints against me during that time from a particular local group.

“My aim is to try to do my best for the people I represent.

“Unfortunately through the local neighbourhood watch website and in particular the forum, I am subjected to nothing short of cyber bullying.

“A thread on the site claims someone is recording CCTV pictures of a public area.

“That takes neighbourhood watch to a whole new worrying level.

“This is causing concern within the local community”.

Tom Taylor, who runs the ERNHW website, told The Extra: “The crux of home CCTV and the legislation is about how you use the images.

“It is one thing having the recording and another using it for scurrilous purposes.

“And in relation to allegations of cyber bullying I have never seen anything that would come close to that on the site.

“I have written to the councillor because I was shocked to hear the allegations”.

Chief Inspector Alan Murray told The Extra: “The matter has been brought to our attention and we are looking into it”.