Caring service calls for volunteers

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Carers LInk needs more volunteers for its call service, which has helped no less than 749 carers across East Dunbartonshire to have the bes possible quality of life.

Carers Call provides telephone support to carers, giving them the chance to speak with a trained volunteer one to one on a regular basis.

Carers Link needs more volunteers, and welcomes applications from good listeners who want to make a difference to the lives of carers.

A spokesperson for Carers Link said: “Caring for someone you love can be very rewarding, but it can sometimes feel like a huge responsibility.

Carers Call volunteers offer ongoing emotional support to carers, and can point carers to other sources of support if things get tough.”

Stuart, who has been volunteering for around a year said “The advantage of calling carers regularly is that you build up a relationship with them, and can catch any issues early and help them put things in place before the problem gets out of hand.

“It’s reassuring to know that if people need more information I can pass them to the advocacy team at Carers Link, and know that they will get the support they need.”

Janet, who has been volunteering with Carers Link for over 10 years, said: “Supporting carers is

important to me - there are lots of other things I could do but I choose to do this.

“I was a carer myself many years ago, and I wish that Carers Link had been there at the time to give me advice

and support.”

Fiona Farris, Volunteer Services Coordinator for Carers Link said: “The volunteers I have met since joining the team are truly amazing people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

“I have been genuinely astonished by the skills and dedication of our volunteers.

“Some people come to volunteer wanting to help others, to gain work experience, to meet others

or to share their own experiences as a carer.

“Volunteers have told me about a sense of increased confidence in themselves, knowing that they’ve been able to help others.

“They say it is rewarding and motivating to be part of a team and to discover skills they didn’t know they had.

“Some have even moved forward into paid employment.

“Our volunteers work alongside the staff team, and each volunteer receives comprehensive training

and continued support.”

Travel expenses can be reimbursed.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering with Carers Link should call Fiona Farris on 0800 975 2131, or email