Candid camera

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EAST Renfrewshire council has launched its revamped CCTV facility.

The council has grown its area’s community safety service apace with the national spotlight on crime and anti-social behaviour.

The service now delivers a 24-hour, seven days a week CCTV and telecare service, anti-social behaviour helpline and community warden services.

Last year the response teams dealt with 98,600 incoming calls and outgoing calls in relation to these totalled 30,300.

Staff at the CCTV control room monitors screens with information fed back from 62 public space cameras and a further 213 cameras located in council schools and public buildings.

The telecare services are delivered to 1,700 elderly or vulnerable people living at home.

The home response teams of the CHCP are also located within the CCTV room as does the council’s 24 hour Ring and Report anti-social behaviour helpline.

Launching the new-look system, community safety convener, councillor Mary Montague, said: “The refurbished CCTV facility is excellent with new, top-quality, high-definition screens which are capable of zooming into read a tax disc on a car, if need be.

“It’s of paramount importance that our residents know that we are dedicated to ensuring they are safe and secure in their homes and on the streets of East Renfrewshire.

“Community safety is a joint initiative between the council, the police, the fire service and social services and by working together we can make our area as safe as we can.

“Some local residents who have found themselves in distress have been spotted by our vigilant operators and have alerted the police who made sure they got home safely or were taken to hospital.

“Our experienced CCTV operators and other community safety staff do an excellent job in detecting and preventing crime and anti-social behaviour and have received commendations from the police on the excellent service they provide.”