Calling all stargazers for solar eclipse

EDINBURGH ECLIPSE - photograph 1.
EDINBURGH ECLIPSE - photograph 1.

Stargazers will be out in force tomorrow (Friday), hoping to glimpse the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse making headlines across the UK.

The moon will begin to block out the sun at 8.30am and, for viewers in Scotland, it should partially cover the sun’s surface by 9.30am.

Astronomers warn of the safety risks of staring directly at the sun during the event — but those interested can head to Whitelee Windfarm nearby for a safe viewing spot, with solar viewing glasses available.

Those watching the eclipse will be keeping their fingers crossed for clear skies — although Met Office predictions show that some cloud may get in the way.

But the next solar eclipse of this size isn’t until 2026 — so take heed of the safety advice and enjoy!

Taking photos during Friday’s solar eclipse? Remember those warnings and then send us your best pics of the fun (email address above).