Calling all Jungle VIPs for Citz Christmas show

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FORGET frosty winter tales; the Citizens Theatre is heading for the jungle this Christmas.

The southside theatre’s festive show is The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale adapted for the stage — and promising fun for all the family.

It’s well timed, with the Disney film just released in platinum edition on DVD — proving it’s as popular as ever, even 46 years on.

Follow Mowgli as he learns the laws of the jungle from Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther — and faces peril at the paws (and jaws) of Shere Khan, a tiger set on revenge after failing to ensnare our hero as a 

Can the little man cub hold his own in the wild — or is he better off amongst his own kind?

And will the king of the swingers, King Louie, be swinging his way to the Gorbals for a taste of Glasgow city life?

With new and exciting choreography promised, and numbers incorporating rap and hip hop, this is The Jungle Book, but not as you know it.

It’s suitable for theatre lovers aged six and up — but for those even younger, there’s a show running in conjunction in the circle studio.

For three to six year olds, Bauble Trouble is a more traditional Christmas affair, full of slapstick and silly songs — for more information, visit

Back to the jungle, and the main festive show runs from Saturday (November 30) until January 5.

Dates and times vary, and tickets are £7-£20 from the website above, or from 429 0022.