Call for crackdown on MUGA play zones

MULTI-USE games areas were designed to give youngsters an opportunity for physical activity outside of school hours.

However, their misuse has resulted in ERC’s director of education recommending that the council do away with the open door policy, laying out a number of restrictions.

Following noise complaints and reports of alcohol abuse in late evenings, multi-use games areas (MUGAs) close to housing could now have set closing hours.

During a consultation with residents close to Kirkhill, ten of eleven residents spoke out against use of the facility.

At a meeting on Thursday, the cabinet approved the report, with council leader Jim Fletcher describing the MUGAs as “magnets for thugs to cause bother”.

Mr Fletcher offered examples of a facility in Thornliebank being covered in spray paint, debris and broken glass.

However, Busby, Clarkston and Eaglesham councillor Alan Lafferty argued that residents “may have to accept some inconvenience, if kids are going to be lured away from their computer consoles.

“We need to make sure we keep MUGAs so children have somewhere to be physically active”.

MUGAs such as those as Carolside, Kirkhill and Thornliebank primaries are now to be locked by 7.30pm.

Meanwhile, a MUGA has just been launched at Eaglesham Primary School. Eaglesham primary parents council applied for this funding from the Whitelee Wind Farm Fund.