By-election result: SNP win Langside seat

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The results of yesterday’s by-election in Langside ward are in, and it’s a win for the SNP.

The party held onto three seats across Glasgow, as well as taking the former Green seat in the southside ward.

The council seat formerly held by Green councillor Liam Hainey now goes to Anna Richardson.

In a statement to The Extra, the new councillor said: “As a southsider, I grew up in this area and have chosen to make Langside my family’s home.

“Langside is a great place to live but a lot more could be done to improve local services and facilities. I’m passionate about creating safer neighbourhoods for us all; pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike, and taking care of our public spaces and parks.

“We’re fortunate to have good local shops but these businesses need support if they are to thrive, especially those affected by the closure of the Victoria Infirmary.

“It’s time for a positive change for Glasgow. It’s time to give Glasgow back to the people.”

The SNP candidate gained 2,134 votes, followed by Labour with 932, Green with 579, Conservative with 379, Liberal Democrats with 125, UKIP with 65 and TUSC with 62.