Businesses wanted to support Good Causes

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East Renfrewshire Good Causes is on the hunt for business partners in an ongoing bid to “make the community a better place”.

The charity — founded in 2007 by Newton Mearns man Russell Macmillan — funds good deeds and odd jobs needed by the area’s most vulnerable residents.

Russell started ER Good Causes as a means of “giving back” after a life-saving double transplant — and the charity now has more than £200,000 worth of causes under its belt.

Now, Russell is looking to give back to the local businesses, with an online directory highlighting all of the charity’s business partners taking pride of place on the ERGC website.

He told The Extra: “I’m a great believer in doing a good turn in return for a good turn. When you run a business, you will often be asked for charity donations — some are inundated.

“But given that Good Causes was founded in following my Christian faith, I believe that if we all pull together, the community becomes a better place.

“So how can we say thank you to the businesses who donate their time and money? We now have a section called Business Partners; a directory of local businesses that are the driving force behind the great work we do in the community.

“These firms are paying back into their community by supporting East Ren Good Causes, and in turn supporting a wide variety of people with different needs, whether that’s people dealing with cancer or East Ren’s elderly residents.”

Any business interested in featuring on the ERGC website can sign up to a standing monthly donation, and in return will receive posters and logos to display proudly.

The scheme has the backing of Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh, who said: “Russell and ER Good Causes have done an enormous amount of work and made a huge difference to the lives of so many of our neighbours.

“Unfortunately, in a time of austerity and cuts, even more need to be done if we are to help the most vulnerable.

“This is an excellent initiative through which local and national businesses are able to show their commitment to our community.”

For more info on donating, call Russell on 639 8230 or visit