Three-legged barber is doing the business

Tony Mann outside his shop with the iwalk2.0
Tony Mann outside his shop with the iwalk2.0

A barber who thought he would face months off work due to an injury has continued to cut hair thanks to an eye-catching medical innovation.

Tony Mann, who started his barber shop in Giffnock’s Fenwick Place at the age of 20 last year, ruptured his achilles around six weeks ago while playing badminton.

His first thought is that it would be a “disaster” for his fledgling business, with his leg in plaster and a recovery time of at least three months.

But after researching online he managed to find a new gadget called the ‘iwalk 2.0’ that acts as a handsfree crutch - allowing him to carry on with his job without being encumbered by normal crutches.

And it has proven to be quite the conversation starter.

He explained: “I’ve started to call myself the ‘three-legged barber’.

“It’s gone all over Facebook and I’ve been messaged by so many people wanting to know where it came from.

“Traditional crutches are so uncomfortable but there is an alternative and I feel people should know about.

“Every visit to change the cast at the Queen Elizabeth hospital takes twice as long as people want to know how it works and where to get it!”

It’s kept business booming at the barber shop, where Tony works with fellow barber Charlie who he employed last October.

His injury is just the latest challenge he has addressed as a new business owner, but he’s never regretted setting up by himself.

He said: “Nobody can really prepare you for the reality of having your own business.

“Even when work is finished it’s not, but I wouldn’t change anything and I love the challenges and the responsibility.”