Shawlands plans to develop cafe society

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Ideas for spending some of the £3.3m Shawlands Town Centre Action Plan cash to create a new civic space at Langside Hall are open for public consultation.

Included is a programme of improvements to develop a more attractive environment to promote Shawlands as a destination for good food and café society.

The latest proposal is to create a new civic square for the southside in front of Langside Hall, as a centrepiece for an emerging cultural quarter of Shawlands.

Tony Halifax, of Shawlands and Strathbungo Community Council, welcomes suggestions for improvements, saying: “The Pollokshaws Road and Langside Avenue junction at Shawlands Cross is a space that is already home to Langside Hall — the key civic building of the area — and the Shed, which has a long track record of club nights, live theatre, dance and craft events.

“A well-designed space could bring Queens Park into the heart of the Shawlands town centre and potentially attract more visitors to the area by providing a gateway access from Pollokshaws Road.”

News of the plans have not been met with joy by some residents on The Extra’s Facebook page. Comments include: “It’s going to be full of [drunks] making a noise. Get back to keeping the streets clean”, and “Surely Shawlands Arcade needs to be addressed and fixed before we consider anything else? The Arcade is an eyesore.”

Two events are planned for the public to view proposals and give their opinions, at Langside Hall from 10am-8pm on Wednesday, September 4 and from 10am-6pm on Saturday, October 4.