Shawlands firm produces bullet proof furniture!

One of  Osdin's ballistic couches.
One of Osdin's ballistic couches.

A Shawlands company has launched a range of bullet-proof furniture to ward off assassination attempts and terrorist attacks.

Glasgow-based firm Osdin Shield has designed what it claims is the first-ever range of “bullet resistant” sofas and chairs, complete with armour-plating sewn into the cushions.

With the threat of terrorist attacks growing ever greater, the company believes there will be worldwide demand for its made-to-measure “ballistic protection furniture”.

While they may not stop a well-aimed sniper’s bullet, the idea is that if gunmen rampage in a hotel or other public place, the public can dive behind the furniture and gain a few minutes of protection before the security forces arrive.

Darren Osdin, the company’s founder, said: “We developed Osdin Shield furniture to save lives.

“Unexpected gun attacks are becoming more and more frequent all over the world.

“We designed the furniture with the natural human reaction to unexpected gunfire in mind: to duck and hide behind a barrier.”

The company offers its products in a range of different fabrics and styles, along with armour plates that can cope with gunfire up to the power of Ak47s and 0.44 Magnums.

It usually supplies top hotels across the UK and Europe as well as “high net worth” individuals with custom made furniture and soft furnisings.

Prices start from £500 .