New look for I Love Clarkston campaign

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Clarkston has had a mini makeover in an attempt by the renewed Clarkston Business Improvement District to spruce up the high street.

As reported in The Extra, the BID was renewed for a second term following a vote from local firms.

Its I Love Clarkston campaign continues for another five years.

To celebrate, the group invested in new colourful banners — according to chair Gordon Paterson, to “signal the new era of the BID” — and 3D graphic shopfront covers, to make empty units “come alive”.

The aim is to promote shopping locally and give Clarkston high street a boost.

A BID spokesman told The Extra: “With local businesses voting to renew BID status we can ensure Clarkston looks as good as it possibly can and really make it a great place to have a business.”

Reaction on social media was mixed, with some welcoming any move to spruce up the high street - but others commented that more needs to be done.

Twitter follower @MissC_1888 told The Extra that there are “still too many vacant shops and not enough parking”.

Commenting on the I Love Clarkston Facebook page, a resident added: “Would be better encouraging new businesses with good rental rates, instead of spending money on vinyl displays.”

But for another, it’s a “good idea. Things are sort of heading in the right direction as the last few places that have opened have been good. Would be nice to see some greengrocers etc, but keep up the good work. Need to sort out the number of charity shops though.”

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