Increased support for Govanhill tenants

Housing minister Kevin Stewart
Housing minister Kevin Stewart

Additional powers have been given to Glasgow City Council to tackle problems in the private rented sector in Govanhill.

An application has been approved to designate a further 14 tenement blocks as an Enhanced Enforcement Area (EEA). It follows a previous EEA granted in the area in 2015 covering four tenements.

The new powers permit the right of entry to properties that are subject to complaints from residents about the way they are being managed by private landlords. This will help the council identify persistent problems.

Other powers include the ability to obtain an Enhanced Criminal Record check from private landlords and request documents for inspection, such as gas and electrical safety certificates.

Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart said: “This new Enhanced Enforcement Area will help Glasgow City Council to continue to improve conditions for even more private tenants in the Govanhill area.

“The success of Govanhill’s first EEA is clear. During initial inspections only 21 properties within the area met the Repairing Standard requirements. Now, through the council’s ongoing engagement with landlords, 175 properties met the standard on their second inspection. The additional powers will ensure the council can intervene directly on housing problems faced by residents in the area.

“I am committed to improving conditions for tenants in the private rented sector and this further designation will help ensure that people are living in good quality private rented homes and landlords take their responsibilities to the people they home seriously.”

Councillor Mhairi Hunter, co-chair of the Govanhill Taskforce, said:“I am delighted the council has received the go-ahead to build on the success of the first Enhanced Enforcement Area. This is great news for people in Govanhill.”