Busby runners clock up air miles in a bid to get fit


Busby kids have their running shoes on — and they’re aiming to make it all the way to Rio.

Since starting back in August, the primary school has been championing a new initiative above and beyond PE classes to get Busby pupils moving.

The idea is for each child to walk or run at least one mile a day, to improve physical health and wellbeing — and Busby has more than one name for the get fit drive, including The Road to Rio.

PE teacher Laura Kerr told The Extra: “We started calling it that as we’re calculating our miles in each class, with the hope of achieving the number of miles it takes to get to Rio de Janeiro, since it’s the home of the Olympics next year.

“We’ve also since renamed it The Daily sMile, since the children are loving it so much!”

Throughout the year, each class is aiming for a combined 5,893 miles.

That means a minimum 15 minutes out of class, with 10 minutes of activity on a one mile course around the school.

Pupils can also clock up more than one mile if they’re feeling energetic, and the initiative will carry on through the winter months, unless the weather makes it unsafe to head outdoors.

Here’s hoping they send a postcard back to East Ren!