Bus service cuts a sham say locals

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FRUSTRATED Eaglesham residents are behind a campaign to bring back their bus service.

The 395 route, operated by Henderson Travel, has been withdrawn from parts of the village and local people have added 200 signatures to a petition against the decision.

Hill Drive resident Maisie Graham, who organised the petition, told The Extra: “I was surprised how many people wanted to support this petition.

“It shows how important the bus is to Eaglesham.

“I’m now having to take a taxi to get to places as there are no other buses available.”

An SPT spokeswoman claim the decision was taken to improve reliability.

She said:“Passenger usage in Hill Drive has proved very low. However, for those who do wish to use the service, they can use First Glasgow’s 4A bus to travel the short distance to Gilmour Street, where they can connect with it.”

Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh believes the decision is a big blow for the community.

He said: “People across Eaglesham rely on this service. Its withdrawal from part of the route will make it more difficult for people to get around — particularly the elderly.”

While a Henderson travel spokesman attributed the decision to a cut in government subsidies, Stewart Maxwell believes the company should be able to support the service.

The SNP MSP said: “Eaglesham deserves a reliable bus service. Henderson Travel have received significant Scottish government support to achieve this.

“They took the decision to change the route, reducing its overall length and therefore affecting the amount that could be claimed.”