Bus saga refuses to pull to a stop

A PAIR of local politicians have asked First bus to reconsider reforms to local routes after a week of widespread uncertainty and confusion.

Jim Murphy MP and Ken Macintosh MSP have lamented the decision, which resulted in service cuts across East Renfrewshire.

The service provider, First Glasgow have already refused to reconsider cuts in services in Newton Mearns and Eaglesham which saw the 44 bus reformed as the number 4 with reduced frequencies in these areas.

Ken Macintosh told The Extra: “These changes were unwanted in the first place and their implementation seems to be causing maximum confusion amongst local residents.

“Renaming the 44 doesn’t simplify matters, it just leaves passengers without the familiarity and confidence that should accompany 
well known routes and services.”

Jim Murphy slammed what he described as a “phantom bus service”.

He added: “To cut services is one thing, but to then continue to publicise the old timetables seems like incompetence.

“Local people have been in touch to say that they are waiting at stops for busses that are on the timetable but don’t exist.

“It’s time for First Bus to end this policy of Phantom Buses.

“They must now urgently communicate the changes to their services.”

Concerns have also been raised by local residents with regards to the remodelled 38 service.

There are now four different services, the 38, 38B, 38C and 38E, operating in the Giffnock and Newton Mearns area.

Furthermore, bus stops in Thornliebank and elsewhere in East Renfrewshire still have old timetables from as early as January 2012.

Last week, service provider First Glasgow announced that it will cut the price of its City FirstDay Ticket by more than 10%.