Building bridges for big vote

POLITICAL rivals will join together up as local representatives fight for their side in Scotland’s independence debate.

Yes Scotland campaigners are already hitting the streets, with a team meeting at Crosshill train station to canvas the southside community tomorrow (Saturday)at 1pm.

Giffnock’s SNP MSP Vincent Waters told The Extra: “In terms of the Yes campaign, there is a lot going on: street stalls, door to door canvassing, leafleting — but it’s not at all a typical political campaign.

“A lot of the local participants in the Yes campaign have no political affiliation and believe in independence on the merits, and there are some who are in the campaign even though their party’s policy in anti-independence.

“In the Yes campaign all are equal and there is a complete absence of rancour or party politicking of any kind.

“So far as the administration goes, there is zero tension arising from our respective referendum campaigns. Both run alongside each other in an amicable way.”

A discussion on the pros and cons of EU membership will be led by Frank Angell at St Ninian’s high school on March 6 at 7.30pm

Pollokshields councillor David Meikle is also hosting a Better Together campaign event this Saturday, when activists will meet at Maxwell Park train station at 2pm to canvas the area.

The Conservative councillor said: “I hope the people of Pollokshields take this opportunity and join our campaign this weekend.

“The only way that we can prevent the break-up of our country is if we join together and make our voices heard.

“I am fiercely proud of being Scottish, but I know that there is so much that is good about being part of the UK.

“We are better off together, we are more influential together and we are tied together in so many ways.”

Local Labour and Conservative political rivals will team up to campaign to keep Scotland part of the United Kingdon too.

At Duff Hall in Busby tomorrow (Sat), from 10am (please note a correction from the time published in this week’s Extra), Labour men Jim Murphy, Ken Macintosh, Jim Fletcher and Ian McAlpine will work with Tory foes Gordon McCaskill and Jackson Carlaw to host the event.

Councillor McAlpine said:“Companies and businesses in East renfrewshire sell their goods right across the UK without any need to worry about barriers or borders.

“We have a single market that works, but the nationalists want to change it. It makes no sense. If we went down that road it would be bad for East Renfrewshire and bad for Scotland.”