Budget changes nothing

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Chancellor George Osborne recently announced his “budget for growth”.

Tobacco duty and personal tax allowance were both raised while fuel duty was cut by one pence per litre.

Pensioners were hit hardest, not benefiting from changes to the tax system and their winter fuel allowance was cut.

Meanwhile, personal tax allowance will rise by £630 in April 2012.

OAP’S John and Margaret Wilson from Shawlands were unimpressed by Mr Osborne’s decision.

Mr Wilson (78) told The Extra: “The elderly have been forgotten about. The fuel allowance was a good help to a lot of people.

Mrs Wilson (77) added: “We don’t drive. We try and stay fit and healthy by walking anywhere. So we have not been helped in any way, shape or form by the budget”.

Richard Cook — a 49-year-old retired nurse from Newlands — believes “responsible drinkers are being unfairly punished.

“That’s what annoys me most, but maybe that’s because I do not drive. My wife is very angry at the fuel cut as she believes it’s a token gesture that does nothing to curb the extortionate prices at the pump”.

Karen Hughes — a 41-year-old from Shawlands — said: “I am a smoker but I get all my cigarettes duty-free anyway so the increase does not hurt me.

“The country is a mess and nothing in the budget changed that”.

Kennedy Kimari (48) from Shawlands remarked: “Things are very hard at the moment, none of the changes will make a bit of difference in the public’s day-to-day reality”.

Nicola Hardie (20) is a hairdresser from Newton Mearns, she thinks the fuel cut is “insulting”.

“A penny will not make a bit of difference. We already pay far too much.

“I do not understand why the elderly who rely on their fuel allowance are taking the biggest financial hit when they were not the ones who got us into this mess.

“I expected more support from the government, tax is becoming extortionate and we do not get enough back”.

James Woodburn — a 63-year-old road sweeper from Shawlands — said: “Picking on OAP’s is unfair.

“They pay taxes for 50 years and what they get in return is unfair”.