Bright start for village as BID gets to work

Local businessmen meet with ERC regeneration officer Daniel McKendry
Local businessmen meet with ERC regeneration officer Daniel McKendry

BUSINESS owners in Giffnock are making moves to raise awareness of the town.

With the Giffnock Business Improvement District firmly passed and a strong committee formed, attention has moved to bringing people from outside the community into the area to shop and do business.

Branded under the name, Giffnock Village, last week new colourful banners were placed across Giffnock and entry signs erected to welcome visitors to the town.

These efforts mark the intent of the Giffnock Village’s committee to place at themselves at the heart of the community, contributing to the vibrant composition of Giffnock.

Giann Celino, who is chair of Giffnock Village, is confident the campaign will reap rewards for local businesses.

He told The Extra: “There’s a strong bond between businesses in Giffnock. Working together we hope to promote the local area and improve trading conditions.”

Giffnock Village has many other projects underway to support Giffnock and its local residents, including plans to introduce a shopping local leaflet of businesses in Giffnock and intentions to launch a website.

Last year, Giffnock became Scotland’s 20th BID following a successful ballot. Businesses have given their staunch backing to plans to support Giffnock by delivering a ‘Yes’ vote for Scotlandís latest Business Improvement District (BID).

The BID will raise some £60,000 in the first year and over £200,000 over five years towards projects aimed at enhancing the business area.

There are a total 64 businesses in the Giffnock BID area.

To find out more about the BID, which was developer in consultation with businesses and shoppers, visit

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