Brain injury won’t put Bryan off gruelling trek

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A cyclist and fitness instructor has pledged to carry on training and take part in a gruelling bike trip for charity, despite being crushed by a bus only weeks before the hike.

Bryan Marshall, 36, from Newlands, works as manager at the Nuffield gym and devised a tortuous challenge along with five of his colleagues to cycle from London to Barcelona in support of Yorkhill children’s charity.

Bryan said: “I first got involved with the Yorkhill charity after my friend’s young daughter died of leukaemia. I’ve supported them ever since.”

The group have been training since January for the trip that includes a punishing trek through the Pyrenees and scaling Mont Blanc 2, following the route of this year’s Tour de France.

On Friday, March 20 this year, Bryan’s training was cut short when he was hit by a bus while cycling on Paisley Road West. He was thrown from his bike, fracturing his spine.

In the fall, he also broke two fingers and his head was so badly concussed, he was unconscious for 12 crucial minutes, before being rushed to hospital where he spent three days recovering and under observation.

“I was out cold for 12 minutes. The thing that’s so frustrating is that I can’t remember a thing,” Bryan said. “The last thing I remember was closing my garage door.”

Apart from finding out what happened and getting some closure after the event, Bryan was told there was no way of knowing what happened or who the driver was.

He told The Extra: “There was no CCTV footage or witnesses who came forward so it looks like I’ll never know.”

Bryan and his team are no strangers to extreme challenges. And, each year, they try to make it ever more difficult.

Bryan said: “We just keep racking up the severity of the challenge. And, we try to beat our target every year, too.

“Last year, we made £18,000 for Yorkhill and, this year, we set ourselves a target of £20,000 — and we’re all set to bust that one. I think it’ll be more than £25,000.”

The team set off on Sunday, August 23, and donations can be made on the justgiving page..